"You have obtained the Ring of Erdna, now you must collect the treasure you left scattered in your wake and escape the dungeon alive."

Available on Web, Windows or Mac.


  • W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to move
  • E to use stairs
  • 1..0 to use item in inventory
  • Walk into monsters to attack them & items to pick them up

Created for 7DRL Challenge 2019


Jam Submission Windows 19 MB
Jam Submission Mac 19 MB


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Level generation seems to have some problems.

Thanks, I'm struggling to figure out why it's happening but as soon as I do I will release an update.

You forget to disable debug mode(key 'O' and 'P') ;)

Thanks, I'll comment them out in the next update

Nice game with a clean user interface and persistent levels.

Just died after exploring 45% of the dungeon.