Pong-style game, keep the rally going as long as possible!

In browser is the latest version, for the original jam submission download the Windows version.

Left/Right arrow keys or A/D to move.

Jam Submission Directions
Left/Right arrow keys or A/D to move.
Spacebar to hit the ball.


Super Rally - Jam Submission.zip 25 MB


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This is quite an interesting idea! I’m not sure if it’s something related to using Chrome, but did find it somewhat difficult to become consistent enough to handle the rally. I was a tad tired when I played it so I’ll spend some more time once we have our submission done.

Please try the latest version which doesn't need you to hit the ball!

This is definitely a completely different game now! What I’m finding very interesting is how the pace of the game makes the auto-aim really feel like it’s not there. I was subconsciously trying to position my side so that it would bounce in the correct direction, but when inspecting it closely I noticed I just have to be able to hit in order to successfully send it back.

I love the "feels like work" effort in the game. I want to try use it in other games of mine.


Cool game Fengol! Dig how it escalates the music and visuals as you go up in score. :