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I played this game this morning and really liked it. I loved the humour in it (thrusters) after gobbling some food and how the eyes of those flying critters were following the mouse. I also appreciated little extras like the rotating scaling destination indicator which is lavish extravagance when considering this was made for a jam game with a tight deadline... but things like that don't go unnoticed. I also found the pathfinding around objects fascinating as it seemed really smooth and my mind wondered at how it was done. Other little things were fascinating such as an ability to evolve and customise your little bird being was interesting and the way transitions between the different sectors were not seamless, but pronounced. I enjoyed this very much with my cup of coffee this morning. It's great to find little creations like this and wonder where it could have / could go. is such a great wilderness of undiscovered treasures, many that still lie there silently, waiting to be discovered.