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A 3D dungeon crawler like the Wizardy series, Eye of the Beholder games or the newer Legend of Grimrock. I'm specifically trying to re-implement 1993's Dungeon Hack published by SSI (now available on GOG.com).

Originally created for the Seven Day Rogue Like Challenge, 2018 (checkout the JamSubmission version for my entry. Warning, that version is incomplete and buggy).

W, Up - Forward
S, Down - Backward
Q, Left - Turn Left
E, Right - Turn Right
A - Strafe Left
D - Strafe Right

M - Show/Hide Map

` - Debug Console

Console Commands:
hello - Returns Hello World message
say - Quotes everything after say
nextlevel - Teleport to next level


DungeonHackerer 0.3 - Jam Submission 14 MB
DungeonHackerer0.5.zip 14 MB

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